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Sometimes you just can't escape your destiny.  If you had told Nell ten years ago that she would be earning a living as a musician she probably would have laughed. But over the years it has evolved into entrepreneurial career with a blend of teaching, gigging and songwriting/recording.

As a musician, Nell has performed and composed across the spectrum of pop/ rock/ alternative. Her current material consists of songs that are deliberately composed to sound as good in a solo acoustic performance as with a full studio production. Her third solo album, "Lazy Dreamer", was released in January 2016.

As a singer-songwriter, her experience comes from 8 years of piano lessons, 14 years singing in various choirs, studying music theory in high school and college and being self-taught on several other instruments, including guitar and ukulele.

As a solo singer, she has a broad and powerful alto range and often receives compliments at live shows for her unique vocal style, reminiscent of many female artists from the 1990s, such as Alanis Morissette.

She and her husband Sean currently perform as an acoustic duo with guitar/piano and percussion. Their set list is heavy on the 1990s, but includes older and newer songs as well. 

Nell has a bachelor's degree in sociology from Elmhurst College.  She worked for several years in the social services and education fields.  In January 2014 she and her husband relocated to Hampton, VA, where she has continued to improve her acoustic act and songwriting, and grow her music teaching business.  In December 2017 they welcomed their first son.